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2019 In The Heartland has started with massive snowfalls, cold temperatures, and now major flooding.  Even though the crest was not as high as in 2011, due to the frozen ground this years flooding has been much worse, affecting many communities and many many lives.

While we struggle to understand the fact of life that "Bad Things Happen To Good People", the issue here is to do whatever we can, both financially and physically, to help those that are affected by this disaster. Be proactive, track down ways to help, some have lost everything, rebuilding their lives is going to be hard. Some have lost even more, such as family, faith, and even their belief in a loving caring God.  Spiritual needs are present.  We may not be able to help with everything, but we CAN PRAY!!!  Make it a daily activity, PRAY for those communities and people who have been so greatly affected.  GOD has not abandoned them, so let them know through your prayers...

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