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712-318-2945 (Messaging)

Meeting Information

Alexis and Mark Johnson

Broadway UMC
Thu, Mar 26, 2:30 PM

Summary of Meeting:
If you're streaming...let me know!!! I'm going to populate a list and we'll get it on Ministerial Assoc Website 
Food from school updates: 2-3 volunteers daily at the 9 sites to get food from school to car - 20% of our school kids are taking advantage of this program compared to 10% in other states.

Weekend Food - collecting simple meals for kids to distribute on Fridays. Donations of food collected at CityLight, St Pats, and Broadway UMC. Ask if you want a food list!
     Cash/check donations can go to First Christian Church for mass purchasing. Memo Line: Council Bluffs Weekend Meals 
     Lewis Central has Thriving Titans that is filling the gap for them - donations can be dropped off to Tasty Treat

We want to see every church person in CB put up a big paper egg...colored, construction paper, whatever floats your boat like Christmas decorations! We'd like them up on the Saturday before Easter. And we're going to try to get a mention in the paper about it!

See you next Thursday; 02 April 2020 at 1:30pm!!


Rev Alexis  -or-
Rev Mark
Pastoral Team of Broadway UMC


* * * * * *



Food and donations will be collected at Corpus Christi as well and sent to the other locations indicated in your email for delivery.


Fr. Tom Thakadipuram
Corpus Christi Parish
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

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