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Wednesday; 01 July, 2020 

I am going to apologize in advance of what I feel I must comment on.

Working for a hospital, I am very much aware of the pandemic and safety concerns which people have in regards to all the hype and press we watch about the numbers increasing, but there is still no absolute test for this virus.  After the Black Lives Matter issue took the spotlight away from the pandemic issue and masking, now  we see the CDC and the press putting out the increase in affected numbers, adding children and people without any symptoms, all of a sudden, having this virus, which is only because the testing has increased.  The press will spend so much time saying how bad these numbers are. They show graphs and highlights, but spend little or no time showing graphs (which show a huge, almost landslide drop in short time) or talking about the numbers which have recovered. I won't even bring up how much money is being made by mask manufacturing and suppliers. Not to mention healthcare.

Misplaced trust is mankind's worst enemy. Is there a health issue, YES, without a doubt, the flu is an issue, measles is an issue, chicken pox is an issue, you take precautions but, I choose to place my full trust in Jesus Christ and my Holy Father God, not man.

I have experienced the other side when my Aortic and Right Mitral valves exploded. I coded many times. I am still here, and when doctors who many were specialists tell you the only reason I am still sitting here typing this had to have been God holding my hand and directing the surgeons working on my heart for seven and a half hours.  I place my life in God's hands and protection. God will do the same for you, but you have to realign where your real trust and faith belongs.  God or Government!

JTE - Webmaster

* * *

Thursday; 25 June 2020

We had our first Google MEET meeting, and first meeting in a while, on the 24th. There were three churches represented; New Beginnings Church of God of Prophecy, Corpus Christi Parish, and Peace Church of the Brethren. The Tuesday meeting had no other churches present except for me as webmaster for CBMA and representing New Beginnings.

We did have a very good discussion which I focussed on the present pandemic running rampant, media using all types of wording and expressions to instill fear and keep the fear in the forefront of the news, accentuating the numbers of supposedly new cases, with very little time taken in regards to the huge numbers of those who have recovered and are now returning to health.  Is there reason for concern, yes, but the negativism of fear mongering is way out of bounds, I hate to say it, but I believe its purpose is to usurp and interfere with this upcoming election!  Remember the plague in Biblical times which struck the first born?  Those who believed in God, and followed His instruction were safe.

Overall, the foremost issue is to place your full faith and trust in God and follow His direction and guidance.

JTE - Webmaster

* * *

Wednesday; 10 June 2020

I am in an uncomfortable position at the moment.  I see all that is going on and all the blame games being put out on TV and social media.  But, I cannot stay silently watching all that is being put out there.

This is my feeling and my feeling alone, it is not to be taken in any way shape or form as the stance, view, or position of CBMA, Church or Denomination.  GOD is a God of love and peace and caring for all people.  Hate should have no place in the hearts and minds of those who claim to believe in a higher loving and caring entity or claim to be Christian.  JTE

I turn on the TV and see the improper & illegal act of a single police officer used as an excuse for certain groups of people to infiltrate peaceful protests, demonstrations and gatherings, then damage, loot, destroy businesses, incomes of employees, and then complain about jobs and civil rights which they just violated.  And then repeat it over and over, all across this country!!!

That ONE officer blatantly disregarded his training, the voices of other officers and people surrounding him telling him the person was having trouble.  He is responsible, he caused the death of another human being which shouldn't have occurred.

But, there is a saying that two wrongs don't make it right.  Everyone who saw it was angered, but a majority of all races didn't use it as an excuse to burn, assault, batter, cause destruction, loot, steal, etc.

Is there social injustice in this country? YES!  Are there laws on our books which focuses on civil/equal rights? YES!  Are they equal for all people? NO!

This country has special programs specifically for various ethnic groups, only available to them, but paid for by every individual in this country. Where is the equality in that?

I grew up in Kansas, my father was a doctor, and had his clinic attached to our home. He took care of patients from all ethnic backgrounds.  During the summer when school was out, I would play with any of the kids who came to the clinic, I didn't see color, or ethnicity. I was an only child, so they were my friends and playmates.  I remember seeing the riots of the 60's on television, as a nine year old, I was confused, some of my friends at the clinic were people of color, I didn't understand.

My father was Welch, and his father was a Quaker, and dirt farmer who didn't make much money. My mother was from a rich farming family.  My father took time to sit down with me and explain facts of life concerning why people were rioting, and why the law enforcement I was brought up to respect, were being so mean.  Simply stated, the people of color were not allowed the same freedoms, opportunities in employment at equal pay as white Americans...

Equality has to be true equality, and opportunities, and pay have to be equal.  The definition of equality is:


   the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.
   "an organization aiming to promote racial equality"

   Similar:  fairness, justness, equability, impartiality, even-handedness


True equality could mean the loss of current specifically focused programs for certain groups of people, income levels, ethnicity, special needs, etc.  This issue is not going to be solved anytime soon, and maybe not even in this decade, but further violence or lawlessness in the streets are only going to hamper and quite possibly bring harsher punishment for offenders.

Every human being needs to be respected, assisted, comforted, and given equal opportunity to all services, housing, and health care.  This is where the focus needs to be directed, not color, religious beliefs, abilities, or ethnicity.  Then and only then will the true United States be a shining star in this world.


JTE - Webmaster



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