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Sunday; 28 February 2021

I am still planning an in person, mask to mask meeting in the near future, just trying to decide on a descent date, time, and location (Two Churches have volunteered to host at this time).  I am surprised at the response from Churches being so light.  Anyway, I am still looking for more responses, I really would really like to see a decent tunout.

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Friday; 01 January 2021

Happy New Year to all.

It has been a rough 2020. Lives disrupted, lost, separated, routine turned upside down, Churches closed, services cancelled, and humanity not able to fellowship in person, on and on.  A year we want to forget.

I wonder, this sounds like what Jesus experienced, persecution, separated, scoffed at, jeered, suffered, and died. Wow! Does "History" get taught any more?

Yet, through all that Jesus went through, He is still ALIVE, and closer now than he would have been then.  We have experienced ourselves what He experienced, with the exception of the Cross.  But the pain is there due to loss of loved ones, or separation 

2021 C.B.M.A.

Council Bluffs Ministeroal Association

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